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Transparent graphene filmOptical micrograph of graphene-polystyrene microspheres.Scanning electron micrograph of boron nitride flakesHexadecane-graphene ink and example screen print using ink.Process of making polystyrene-graphene composite.Atomic force microscopy images of polymer brushes.

Group Overview

Research in our group includes two broad topics: (1) the thermodynamically driven re-assembly of two-dimensional materials and their incorporation into polymer composites, and (2) the synthesis of model polymers by high vacuum anionic polymerization. The graduate students in our group are either enrolled in the Chemistry Department or the Polymer Program of the Institute of Materials Science. This gives us a very diverse group with interests and expertise ranging from materials science to chemical synthesis. As a material and polymer synthesis group, we are driven by collaborations as we instigate the properties and applications of our materials.